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Frequently Asked Question

What is a dedicated server ?

A Physical Server which give a full hardware resource to one client dedicatedly. The customer can utilize the full CPU and RAM of the machine. Its mean you will get full control over the server and maximum performance.


What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting ?

Dedicated server means a full server only for you its mean you will get better performance on your application. Dedicated server is not shared with other client so it’s very reliable. As any other client does not have access to server you can be sure of having better security. Custom configure is only possible in all dedicated server so you make change they setting and firewall to make your server fully protected and secure.


Which dedicated server will be best for me ?

It’s depending on your requirement this can be discussed with our support team.


Why should i buy a dedicated server ?

For better performance, better security, greater reliability, custom configuration, custom firewall etc.


How can I manage dedicated server ?

We provide a dedicated management portal to Indian dedicated server. From there you can reboot your server also access KVM to manage the server. Please note KVM comes with professional server only. You should discuss with support team to know more about management.


How many website I can host on dedicated server ?

It’s depending on the server hardware. However, a dedicated server can host more website then a VPS.


Is your dedicated server is safe ?

Yes we provide safe and secure dedicated server.


How to order a dedicated server ?

Select your server press order now button and fillip the registration from. After registration an invoice will be created then pay the invoice. If need any kind of help you can contact sales team any time.


Who owns and maintains the Dedicated Server hardware ?

Hardware is completely ours own property. We will maintain hardware of server. In the case of hardware failure our monitoring system will send a alert to support team. They will change the hardware with 2hours.

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